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saxy rob performer

My wife and I joined some friends the other night at a local restaurant because a performer called Saxy Rob was in town. Saxy Rob (surprise) is a saxophone player who plays along to all those fun hits you know by heart. When he comes to our community, we often get a group together to see him perform.

The key word there is “perform.”

You see, Saxy Robb doesn’t just stand there and play the saxophone. He sings, he dances, he works the crowd. He is not just a musician. He is a performer! He might not be the most talented saxophone player…but I wouldn’t know. I am too busy enjoying his performance to be a critic.

The same is true with Garth Brooks. There are those that say he is not the best singer. He certainly is not the most gifted guitar player. But fans from all over the country come to see him perform. It’s not about the technical skills he possesses. It’s how he makes them feel.

And the same is true for you in sales.

My father (who was a master salesperson) told me this many years ago. He said that many of the people he called on “were stuck at their desk all day…doing mundane tasks. My job was to be the bright spot in their day!” He would tell jokes, listen to them, and make them laugh.

In short, he would perform. And they would buy from him.

What are you making your customers feel? If you are in sales, of course, you need to serve a need and solve a problem. But are you a person they look forward to dealing with? Of course, you need to know the stats, the results, the bullet points, and the pricing. That’s great. That means you know how to play the instrument. But are you willing to perform?

When you become the highlight of your customer’s day, you will start to see a positive impact on your sales numbers. And you will probably have more fun in the process too!

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