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Goal Setting Course

Marketing Tactics for Certain Growth in UnCertain times!

We are living through a confusing and uncertain time. Whether it’s the pandemic, supply chain issues, inflation, labor challenges…and more. The economy is…uncertain. So here are 10 Marketing Tactics that create certain growth in uncertain times.

Goal Setting Course

How to Create an Influencer Campaign

In this 30 minute course, Kirby Hasseman talks to one of the premier voices in creating influencer campaigns in the Promo Industry, Bill Petrie from brandivate. Bill has successfully created and run influencer campaigns for his company and others. Bill talks about how to create a campaign, when to do it…and what not to do! This is a great one!

Goal Setting Course

How to Succeed in the Promotional Products Industry

  • Save thousands in costly mistakes
  • Make more money and margin
  • Get your business up and running faster
  • Find out the ins and outs of the industry that it takes years to learn.
Goal Setting Course

How to Create a Repeatable Sales Process

“Nothing happens until someone sells something!” Sales is the name of the game. In this course, Kirby Hasseman gives you a repeatable, step-by-step process for creating a sales framework that works for you and your whole team.

Goal Setting Course

How To Get More Done

We all want to get more done. But it’s not just about jamming more appointments in your day. In this course Kirby Hasseman gives you things you should start doing and stop doing if you want to be more productive…and happier.

Goal Setting Course

How To Create A Website That Works

From content to design all the way through legal requirements, this course covers the theory and looks at real-world examples of great design, SEO, content, and more. This 13 part course is all focused on building you a website that works for you, taught by Eric Dingler, Web Designer at Hasseman Marketing & Communications.

Goal Setting Course

Goal Setting

The most successful people create their life on purpose. That means setting goals. We created this 5 part course on goal setting to help you live your life with intention.

Goal Setting Course

Market Like a Rock Star

We know that we need to tell our story on social media. We hear all of the time that “content is king.” But what does that really mean? And how do you keep up? In this 7 part course Kirby Hasseman talks about how to build a personal brand using these tools…and use them to grow your business.

Goal Setting Course

How to Sell Creative Services

If you sell only on price, you are in a race to the bottom. But the best Promotional Products distributors add value…and can charge for their creative services. In this 1 hour webinar, Kirby Hasseman explains why and how to charge for those creative services.
Goal Setting Course

Meditation & Self-Care

In this 7 part course, Roni Wright takes us on a journey into the world of meditation and self-care.  She will teach you breathing techniques, restorative yoga poses, time management skills, and talk about the importance of discipline.  She will even walk you through the basics of meditation with some guided meditation practices. 

Goal Setting Course

The Give First Economy

In this course, Kirby Hasseman takes a deep dive into the topic he wrote the book on (literally). We are living in a Give First Economy, where entrepreneurs and organizations that provide value up front will win. Kirby talks about why this is the case…and tactics you can start now to succeed in this culture.

Goal Setting Course

How To Create A Brand That Matters

Creating a Brand that Matters gives a deep dive on branding. Bill Petrie talks about what a brand is (and isn’t), how to create a brand, and make sure it resonates with your prospects and customers. Don’t create a logo. Create a brand!

Goal Setting Course

Build Your Brand with Branded Merch

So many organizations struggle with Branded Merchandise. They throw a bunch of stuff against the wall and don’t understand what works. In this course, Kirby Hasseman teaches you basic principles on how you can not only market more effectively, but also begin to develop your tribe.

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