Create Rest and Adventure on Your Schedule

I pride myself on working hard. It’s one of the few things you can totally control…your own effort. So many things are outside of your control. But you decide if you get up and do the work.

That being said, sometimes we all need to take a break. You can only “go” for so long before you need to rest and refuel. Sometimes that might be getting a good night’s sleep. Other times, you might need to take the weekend off. And sometimes (for me) it means getting out of town.

That was the case this weekend.

Backstory: My youngest daughter recently moved to Colorado Springs to be with her boyfriend Johnny. Amy and I were excited for her to tackle this latest adventure, but we (of course) were sad to miss her. So even before she actually moved out west, I booked tickets to come and see her this weekend.

What a trip it was! We hiked, shopped, took in the sights, and went to Pike’s Peak (elevation over 14,000 feet). All in all, it was an amazing quick vacation.

Create rest and adventure in your schedule

And boy did I need it.

Before we left, my wife pointed out (a few times) that I needed to lighten up. I was getting frustrated over things that normally don’t bother me. That’s my tell. When I start getting mad about silly things, I usually need a break. Ironically, those are the times I don’t want to stop to rest. These times I often think that I need to “put my head down” and keep after it.

This weekend it took me a few days to unwind. But by Saturday, I just felt different.

We all need to work hard. As I said, that’s part of the deal with any adventure. But sometimes, these moments of rest can create moments of clarity. We can not only de-stress, but I find, I start to think more creatively as well.

So now, as I get ready to travel back to Ohio, I am excited…and ready to get back to work.

The question is this…what are you doing to create some rest and adventure in your schedule? Now is a great time to “get to work” on that.

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