5 Lessons From PromoCations

5 lessons from promocations

My friends Bill Petrie and Josh Robbins started a new venture called PromoCations. Here are 5 lessons you can learn for your business about their launch…and their model! Watch now!

Watch the video above…and please subscribe to the channel. Not into watching? Read the lessons below!

Take Something Working…and make it better:  Josh and Bill knew there was an existing format in the industry for successful meetings.  They took something that they knew people would understand…and worked to have just the best!

Know your Market:  Knowing your market helps you understand and analyze the above, helps you know who to market to, and even how to name it.  PromoCation is a great name for the Promo Industry.

Create an Influencer Campaign:  When you know your market, you know who the influencers are.  Use branded merch like t-shirts, etc to engage the people who have influence in the market. 

Give People a chance to participate and win by promoting you:  Once you have the influencers…engage everyone else.  They have created contests that give people a chance to not only win cool merch…but also a free cruise.  They get to be entered in the contest by promoting you.

Have fun with it!  Life doesn’t have to be so serious!  The guys at PromoCations are having fun with this…and encouraging everyone else to do the same.   If you are in the promo space check out PromoCations.com to learn more

If not, take these lessons if you are ready to launch a new product, service, or company.

Get a copy of my best-selling book “The Give First Economy” for FREE here.  Thanks for reading!  And if you want to “elevate your career” today, check out Better Business University!

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