This Week In Content

this week in content

The goal at is to provide you with value and help you elevate your game. One way we do that is to create courses you can subscribe to (here). But the other way is through free content. But sometimes it’s hard to keep up, right? You have a lot to do! So here is a quick recap of the content we created this week…to entertain you and help you elevate your game.

This week in Content

The Monday Minute: Each week I create a video called the Monday Minute. This week I talked about a kayak trip that almost did NOT happen because everyone was freaking out about the weather forecast. I pushed to go anyway…and remind you to not cancel your plans (or goals) based on other people’s predictions. Watch now!

4 Types of Content Creators: In this video, I talk about the 4 Types of content creators. 3 of the 4 are great…and the best content creators are all 3 at times. But you want to avoid being the 4th type at all costs. Watch this video and subscribe to the channel here!

Delivering #MarketingJoy with Ken Marshall: This time on Delivering #MarketingJoy I talk with Ken Marshall about his zest for starting new businesses and why he LOVES SEO and content as a marketing strategy! Watch now!

5 Lessons From PromoCations: My friends Bill Petrie and Josh Robbins started a new venture called PromoCations. Here are 5 lessons you can learn for your business about their launch…and their model! Watch now!

Promo UpFront Episode 115: This week on the podast Bill Petrie and I talk about why a recent Fast Company article on Branded Merch makes no sense, how we de-stress during busy times…and much more. Watch the latest episode here.

So there you have it! This week in content was a busy one. We have one piece of content for each day of the week.

Get a copy of my best-selling book “The Give First Economy” for FREE here.  Thanks for reading!  And if you want to “elevate your career” today, check out Better Business University!

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