We All Need A Break Sometimes

We all need a break sometimes

I pride myself on working hard. Most people that start businesses do. And that’s a good thing. I have often said, that your own effort is the one thing you have control over. The market may go up and down. Inflation may rise and demand may drop…but you decide if you keep going. It’s up to you. And I love that about business.

But as with everything…you can get too much of a good thing.

In the course of the hustle and grind, we can all get burned out. I am certainly not immune. And while we all have different tells about when it’s time to take a break, mine shows up in frustration. I start to get more frustrated and angry with things that would not normally bother me. And with that anger comes less creativity and fewer solutions.

When that shows up, it’s time to take a break.

The problem is, when I am in that “frustrated mindset,” I don’t always see it. My go-to solution for this mindset is to put my head down and work harder. I feel like I can just outwork the frustration…and that a great success will put me in a better mood. But that’s a bit like finding yourself in a big hole…and your solution is to keep digging.

I found myself in that mindset recently.

Luckily…I took a quick trip this weekend.

Backstory: my youngest daughter Jade recently moved to Colorado Springs to be with her boyfriend Johnny. Amy and I were excited for them but sad to see her move across the country. So even before she moved out west, I booked tickets to come and visit. And that trip came this weekend. Boy did I need it!

Amy and I came out and Jade and Johnny were amazing hosts. We hiked and shopped and took in the sights. We even went to the top of Pikes Peak (elevation over 14,000). And while it took me a day or so to really relax, it has had an amazing effect on my mindset. I feel lighter and less stressed. And I feel myself thinking more creatively and am excited to get back to work.

Create rest and adventure in your schedule

We all need a break sometimes.

So today I challenge you to get some adventure (or at least some rest) on your calendar. You might be like me. I need to schedule that to get it done. Yes…we need to work. Yes…we need to chase our dream. But sometimes we need to “work on” taking a break.

That might be the case for you today.

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