Entrepreneurship Is Solving Problems

I love being an entrepreneur.  I really do.  It’s incredibly interesting, challenging, and always something different.  And it gives me the ability to chart the path.  I love that.  But make no mistake…it’s not easy.  Entrepreneurship is incredibly challenging.  That is why some say there is a mental health crisis in Entrepreneurship.

The number one job of an entrepreneur is to solve problems.

One of the reasons entrepreneurs are stressed is that their job is to deal with problems.  You might say, “sure we all do that.”  And while we do all deal with problems in our work sometimes, the job of the entrepreneur is to deal with problems all of the time.

The very act of starting a business is to solve a problem.  And then, once you decide to solve that problem, you are confronted with a host of new problems immediately.  What will you call the company?  Are there other companies called that?  Do I have to file this with the state?  What color will my logo be?  Where will I house this venture?  And the list goes on and on and on.

And that’s before you start.

Then when you finally get your idea up and running, you will have new problems.  That product didn’t ship.  The code isn’t working right.  The website is down.  The more you succeed, the newer and bigger problems you get to solve.  That can be exhilarating…but it can also be exhausting.

And there is a very important lesson here.

A successful entrepreneur does not create a world with no problems.  Regardless of your stature in life, you will always have problems.  An entrepreneur gets to continually solve new and more interesting problems in order to move his or her vision forward.  This is not defeatist thinking.  The fact is, it sets you up for failure if you think you will be able to crest a hill and everything will be easy.

There will always be problems to solve.

The job today is to solve the problems in front of you with the understanding that there will be new challenges tomorrow.  And when you do that, with a vision in mind, you will have new and interesting problems to solve tomorrow.

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