My 12 Week Year Goals

my 12 week year goals

I am a big believer in goals. And January 1st is the big day for goal setting. So, like many people around the world, I set goals at the beginning of the New Year. But as I mentioned in this Monday Minute, I am setting 12 Week Year Goals this year. My hope is this will create more sense of urgency…and allow me to focus better.

And while creating your goals is powerful. I find that sharing them can help create accountability. So here are my 12 Week Year Goals to start 2023.

Do 3000 Push Ups by March 30

Run 120 Miles by March 30

Book 3 New Speeches by March 30

Re-Start Father’s Group

Create $375k in Sales for Hasseman Marketing by March 30

Create $60k in Sales for Simple Signs & Print by March 30

Get 100 new sign-ups for

Read or Listen to 5 new books by March 30

Begin Writing New Book

So here is my list.

I find that going through the exercise of setting goals is exciting for me. Why? Because it makes me look at myself and my life through the lens of what I want…not just what I am now. Some new goals force me to evolve into a new person to accomplish them.

I hope you have your list ready as you begin 2023. If not, we have a goal course here on You can start a FREE 7-day trial today and get your year started off on the right foot. is committed to becoming The Premier online education platform in the Promotional Products industry. You can learn more and sign up to become a member here.

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